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"The Return"
Original Airdate:  March 22, 1985
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Plot Summary - The Leader declares an armistice and begins communicating telepathically with Elizabeth, while Diana plots to overthrow the Leader and resume the war with Earth.

Detailed Review -


Freedom Network Medal of Valour - There was a Freedom Network broadcast this week, but no Medal of Valour winner was announced.

Bloopers and Nitpicks -

Memorable Moments -  
Diana: Jane Badler
Lydia: June Chadwick 
Elizabeth Maxwell:  Jennifer Cooke
Willie: Robert Englund
Juliet Parrish:  Faye Grant 
Mike Donovan: Marc Singer
Kyle Bates: Jeff Yagher
Guest Stars
Philip:  Frank Ashmore
Thelma: Marilyn Jones
Tawny Schneider: Tawny Schneider
Lt. James:  Judson Scott
Additional Guest Star: Ashton Wise 
Executive Producer:  Daniel H. Blatt 
Executive Producer:  Robert Singer
Supervising Producer: Don Boyle
Producer:  Skip Ward
Creator: Kenneth Johnson
Story: David Braff and Colley Cibber
Teleplay:  David Abramowitz and Don Boyle
Director:  John Florea 

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